New, Used, and Reconditioned Equipment from the Industry’s Top Brands: Altec, Terex, and More

Whether you’re in the construction industry or doing forestry work, we can help you find the right new, used, or reconditioned equipment for the job-at prices that make sense for your budget.

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What sets Sunrise Equipment apart from other utility equipment dealers? We have factory trained technicians on staff with many years of experience. We build new units along with re-certifying pre-owned or used bucket trucks and perform annual inspections, dielectric tests, and stability tests in house. Sunrise units are maintained and in ready to work condition, keeping fluids changed and inspections done more often than required.

New, Used, and Reconditioned Inventory – We partner with the most respected equipment manufacturers in the industry to bring you advanced, reliable equipment at very competitive prices. We acquire more than 95% of our pre-owned equipment directly from selected major utility companies and government agencies, and we cultivate excellent relationships with the best sources in the country.

Nationwide Sales – Our solid reputation as a quality equipment supplier has grown from local to national in our 50+ years of service.

Competitive Pricing – We build new units along with re-certifying pre-owned or used bucket trucks to be able to offer the best prices on the market. When you work with us, you’ll reduce costs and eliminate service interruptions and downtime.

Company Longevity & Experience – We have developed a solid reputation for delivering the best equipment, the best service and the highest degree of flexibility since 1967.

Get new, used, or reconditioned equipment from top brands.

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Construction – Bucket trucks are increasing in popularity for any type of off-the-ground or aerial construction work as a safer alternative to ladders and scaffolding.

Electrical/Utility Work – Bucket trucks over 45 feet are popular with electrical and other utility companies doing distribution service work.

Forestry/Tree Care – 45 to 60 foot units are popular for forestry truck applications. 60 to 65 working height buckets with over-center capabilities are the most common booms for the forestry and tree care industries and can come with or without chip bodies.

Signage – Our bucket trucks are often used by customers in the light, sign, and traffic industries as a way to safely access billboards, lights, and traffic lights.

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Leasing, and Financing Options

Having the right equipment can mean the difference between making a profit or scrambling to just make your bid. Our leasing and financing options can help you take advantage of the quality equipment you need at the best prices and terms in the industry.

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