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Forestry & Logging Industry

At Sunrise Equipment, we understand that having the right equipment for your forestry or logging jobs allows you to offer better service, a better working environment for your team, and more efficient processes. We aim to satisfy nearly any project need with our affordable inventory of forest management equipment.

No matter the objectives for your forestry management project, we can help you find the right piece of equipment for the job.

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Special equipment and machinery are needed when it comes to fulfilling work in the forestry and logging industry. And in order to understand what types of machines and equipment you’d need to carry out specific tasks, it is important to first understand the differences between forestry and logging. Although they can work hand-in-hand, they serve different purposes.

Forestry Equipment

Forestry is oftentimes the precursor to logging. It involves devising and carrying out a plan for a plot of land, with a focus on how to sustainably meet your goals while ensuring the health of the surrounding wildlife and the land itself.

Some of the equipment and machinery from Sunrise Equipment that are best suited for the forestry industry include:

Logging Equipment

Logging is the step that comes after the foresters have done their jobs. Because this process involves action by way of cutting, gathering, and transporting of the wood being harvested, the equipment and machinery needed to carry out these tasks differ from those of forestry.

Some of the equipment and machinery that are fit for the logging industry include:

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