Pre-Owned and Reconditioned Landscaping Equipment

Truck and landscaping trailer at jobsite

At Sunrise Equipment, we understand that having the right equipment for your landscaping or groundskeeping jobs allows you to offer better service to your end customers. We also understand that successful landscaping projects are often the result of sticking to tight budgets and timelines. We aim to satisfy nearly any project need with our affordable inventory of landscape trailers and other landscaping equipment.

Our goals for you when you partner with us are to:

  • Reduce project costs (and increase your profit)
  • Eliminate service interruptions and downtime
  • Offer excellent service to your end customers
  • Improve safety on your job sites

Browse Our Inventory of High-Quality Landscaping Equipment

Build an inventory of the best landscape trailers and other landscaping equipment for the job. Choosing used and reconditioned equipment is a great way to cut costs for your next project while still getting access to quality items that will help you get the job done right and on time.

From golf carts for getting around at groundskeeping jobs, to trailers and light trucks for landscaping jobs, we have all the equipment you’ll need for successful outdoor maintenance.

Get your crew to and from job sites easily and reliably, plus save on costs by choosing used and reconditioned vehicles.


Miscellaneous equipment includes landscape trailers, drop deck trailers, utility trailers, golf carts and more.

Golf Cart

Digger derricks can be beneficial for landscaping jobs when you need to dig deep holes for ponds or outdoor structures.

Digger Derrick

For those big job sites or groundskeeping jobs, you may need a vehicle that can take on rough terrain.

All Wheel Drive

Get the Right Landscaping Equipment for Your Next Job

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