Terex Pressure Digger Bullet Tooth Augers

Terex pressure digger bullet tooth augers are designed to improve drilling footage in rock but also work great in mixed soil conditions making it the perfect all around auger.

If you are drilling in fractured rock (Limestone, lava rock, medium sand stone, coral and frozen earth), or drilling in a mix of dirt and rock, this is the tool that you need. The single row bullet tooth rock auger is our #1 selling auger. This tool saves you time, money, and dramatically reduces equipment wear.

Standard Features

  • Heavy duty one inch flighting
  • C31HD teeth
  • Square drive pilot bit
  • Heavy duty kelly box is reinforced with gussets
  • Flighting pitch is engineered to maximize material flow from the tooth cutting area to maximize productivity.
  • Tooth angles and location are precisely controlled to optimize tooth penetration providing superior productivity and tooth life.

Optional Features

  • Extra Heavy Duty 1 1/2 inch Flighting
  • Various sizes, types of teeth, and pilot bits
  • Recessed Kelly Boxes

Other diameter, teeth, flighting lengths, and options are available. Give us a call and we will help you pick the correct auger for your drilling needs.