14″ Digger Derrick Bullet Tooth Auger

Part Number: 65355900
Price: $2100
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Terex 14 inch bullet tooth digger derrick auger with 60 inch flighting.  Designed specifically to optimize the drilling performance of digger derricks in hard fracturable materials.

If you are drilling in fractured rock (limestone, lava rock, medium sand stone, coral, and frozen earth) or drilling in a mix of dirt and rock, this is the tool that you need. The single row bullet tooth rock auger is our #1 selling auger. It will destroy fractured rock, frozen soil, compacted soil, and contaminated fill dirt.

Terex BTA augers have a unique cutting pattern that allows each tooth to cut a small track which improves cutting efficiency and tooth life. Our cut pattern and tooth attack angle combine to allow the bullet teeth to act as “fingers” that penetrate thru and lift up fractured or broken material

These bullet tooth augers perform much better and reduces total tooth cost over standard carbide flat teeth. This saves you time, money, and dramatically reduces equipment wear.

*Product photos are not necessarily the diameter of this product. Stock Photos were used for illustration purposes.


  • Diameter: 14 inch
  • Overall Length: 104 inch
  • Hex Size: 2, 2 1/2, and 2 5/8 inch available
  • Stem: 4 inch O.D. 5/16 inch wall DOM heavy duty tubing
  • Flighting Specs:
    • Length: 60 inch
    • Lower Thickness: 1 inch
    • Upper Thickness: .5 inch
    • Pitch: 9 inch
  • Auger Teeth: C10 (65349086)
  • Pilot Bit: TPB1-hex 2 5/8 inch shank (65345795)
  • Pilot Teeth: Four replaceable C10 (65349085)
  • Pilot Size: 5 1/4 inch cut diameter

Terex 14 inch bullet auger with 60 inch flighting