Terex Digger Derrick Dirt Augers

Terex TXD dirt augers for a digger derrick are the basic auger for drilling in dirt conditions. They can drill in some rock with the addition of the TXC series (TX56 and TX58) teeth. For harder rock we recommend using the bullet tooth augers. The optional TX50D (T29167) 4 tooth pilot bit will improve the performance of these augers.

Terex “TXD” Series digger derrick augers are manufactured to maximize drilling performance, for loose and compacted soils, stiff clays and soft shales. Recommended rotation speed 25 to 35 rpm.


  • Made with 5/16 inch thick flighting for 30 inch and smaller diameter and 1/2 inch flighting for all augers over 30 inches in diameter
  • The auger stem is 4 inch O.D. 5/16 inch wall DOM heavy duty tubing
  • The standard options are TX50 (T29171) and TX52 (T29429) auger teeth with a TX205 (T29168) fish tail pilot bit