48″ Digger Derrick Dirt Auger

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Terex 48 inch TXD series dirt auger with 40 inch flight. Manufactured to improve the drilling performance of digger derricks in loose and compacted soils, stiff clay, and soft shale. The optional TX50D 4 tooth pilot bit (T29167) greatly increases the performance of the TXD series augers.

These dirt augers are designed with a bolt on shank plate which holds the teeth. This makes for easy replacement of wear parts in the future when the time comes. Simply remove any teeth, pilot bits, or shank plates if they become worn down and replace them with new ones with no welding required.

This is a great auger for drilling in dirt while keeping budget in mind. It can be updated in the future for drilling in light rock by adding the TXC carbide teeth and pilot bit. If you plan on drilling in harder materials then you would need a BTA bullet tooth auger.

*Product photos are not necessarily the diameter of this product. Stock Photos were used for illustration purposes.


  • Diameter: 48 inch
  • Overall Length: 104 inch
  • Hex Size: 2 1/2, and 2 5/8 inch available
  • Stem: 4 inch O.D. 5/16 inch wall DOM heavy duty tubing
  • Auger Teeth: Qty 12 standard TX50 (T29171) Qty 2 outside TX52 (T29249)
  • Shank Plates: Qty 2 TX48X1 (65340697)
  • Pilot Bit: TX205 fish tail (T21967)
  • Pilot Adapter: TX183 (T29200)
  • Flighting Specs:
    • Length: 40 inch
    • Thickness: 1/2 inch
    • Pitch: 24 inch

Terex 48 inch dirt auger with 40 inch flighting