Terex Digger Derrick Rock Augers

Terex TXC digger derrick rock augers will increase the drilling performance of digger derricks in loose and compacted soils, stiff clay, shale, cobbles, and medium rock. The teeth will last much longer than standard dirt auger teeth due to abrasion resistance from the carbide used as well as being heat treated.

For increased performance the TX50C (85889) pilot bit can be used. This pilot will hold four TXC series rock auger teeth and greatly improve performance vs the standard TX205C fish tail pilot bit.


  • Made with 5/16 inch thick flighting for 30 inch and smaller diameter and 1/2 inch flighting for all augers over 30 inches in diameter
  • The auger stem is 4 inch O.D. 5/16 inch wall DOM heavy duty tubing
  • The standard options are TX56 (T29225) and TX58 (T29400) carbide rock auger teeth with a TX205C (T29965) carbide fish tail pilot bit